logotype-vflFbF9pYDue to the large size of these files, they will be delivered using Dropbox. This will allow me to deliver the files straight to your computer and allow updates to occur seamlessly. If you don’t know what dropbox is click here. Dropbox keeps your files safe and secure. Plus it will allow me to easily make updates and add new animations even after you purchase.

A free Dropbox account will be fine for our purposes. Your files will appear on your computer just like any other files. I’ll send you an email after purchase to connect your computer with our shared dropbox folder. If you already have dropbox, you’ll be set to go after the files download to your computer. If you don’t have a dropbox account, you’ll create a free account and install a small piece of software on your computer. This will keep my files synced with yours. As I make updates, you’ll get them automatically without having to install any more software on your computer.

Dropbox Intro

See how Dropbox works and how your files will be delivered to you. You’ll find it fascinating…arrowLeftForYouTubeVideoRight5