15_thumbEnjoy a 30-day trial of the ABC™ Animations to use in your office. This includes all the animations that are available with the purchasable license.

After you fill out the form on the right and click submit, I will send you an email (usually within a few hours) with a link to your personal DropBox account from where all your files will be automatically downloaded to your computer after you install the DropBox software on your computer. This will work for either PC or Apple based computer systems. How this will look is shown by clicking here.

Use the animations with your clients and if you don’t agree that these animations assist in your clients understanding, then let the 30-day trial expire and owe nothing. If you want to purchase a license during or after your trial period has ended, click here to purchase a license and choose the payment option which best fits your needs. There’s nothing more to be done on your end.

This trial offer handles two problems that ABC™ Practitioners have. First, the fear of having to deal with the technology of getting the animations to your computer and getting them to work. Second, the fear that they won’t pay off in the long run. Hopefully this solves both problems and takes away all your risk.

One last thing. The trial version needs to have access to the internet to work. The fully purchased version does not.