ABC™ Patient Education Animation Package

Great news. Certified ABC™ Practitioners, that are licensing the ABC™ Animations for $35/month, can now create their own YouTube (or Vimeo) videos to promote their businesses in addition to using the animations in their office to explain ABC™ Concepts.

What this allows you to do is create your own videos in the same manner as Jesse created the ABC™ Patient Education DVD. Now, using your voice and the ABC™ Animations you can explain what makes you unique, describe different conditions you treat, etc all on YouTube.

If you have a website you can put your YouTube videos right on your site, but if not, they’ll be on YouTube and people will find your videos there. I have new patients watch two of my videos before their first appointments so they’re more educated. Now, when they come in, I talk less about what’s wrong with body’s in general and more about what’s wrong with them specifically.

Remember how you got to know Jesse from his training videos before you ever met him? When you finally met him you already felt like you knew him. You can take advantage of that as well. Video is very powerful for creating relationships.

Step 1 – Get the Trial Version

Try a 30-day free trial of all the animations that run directly from your computer (PC or Mac).

Get the Trial Version Here

If you’ve already had a trial version and would like to try it again, just click the link above and I’ll reinstate your current trial for 30 more days. Just mention in the comments section that you’ve tried it before.

If you make any YouTube videos they must come down if you decide not to purchase the monthly license.

Step 2 – Subscribe $35/month

Here’s What you Get:

  1. ABC™ Patient Education Animations to use in your office to communicate one-on-one with patients.
  2. The ability to make your own personalized videos for use on YouTube or Vimeo using the ABC™ Patient Education Animations as you screen capture the animations and your voice and your webcam if you choose.
  3. The ability to put Jesse’s ABC™ Patient Education Video on your website directly.

You heard right. Jesse has offered to make available the ABC™ Patient Education Video available to put on your website included as part of the $35/month fee. For those of you that don’t want to make your own videos, this is a great option. If you go this option, I’ll show you how to get it on your website as the process is very simple.

The $35/month is a “no excuses” dollar amount. Even new docs right out of school should be able to manage this especially if you’re trying to build a practice.



With this new outreach effort, we can help grow ABC™ to new heights and expand our businesses as well.

I’ve made a few tutorials below to show you exactly how Jesse created the ABC™ Patient Education DVD. Armed with this knowledge you’ll have videos on YouTube in no time and the best part is (well it was for me) that only your voice will be on YouTube. Therefore no cameras, lighting or makeup needed. Just kick back and screen capture while you talk into a microphone from the comfort of your own home. It’s actually quite fun.

Jeff Aberle

For all of the videos below simply click the video and then click the button on the lower right side of the video to view full screen.

Installing the ABC™ Animation Package

Step 1: Learn how to get the animations onto your computer so you can use them in the trial version and the paid version.


Screen Capturing

Step 2: Learn how to screen capture with Camtasia, a very easy to learn video editing program. Find it here at:

There is a trial version of Camtasia available and if you buy the software, it will set you back about $199.


Choosing a Microphone

Step 3: Purchasing a USB Microphone for awesome audio. If you’re just experimenting, your computer might already have a built-in microphone available to use. If you have a webcam, you’ll be able to use its microphone as well for testing. But for real life publishing I suggest a higher quality microphone to add professionalism to your videos. This is probably the best mic you could get: Rode Podcaster


Creating your YouTube channel.

Step 4: Learn how to create your own YouTube channel to collect all your videos together and gain subscribers. Your YouTube channel can kind of act like a website if you don’t have one.This is completely free. In fact, you can make money by allowing advertisers to show their commercial before someone can watch your video.

Of course you can mix and match the different steps above, but you’ll need understanding of all four steps to produce outstanding videos.

More videos showing how I use the animations:

Common Questions People Ask That You Can Easily Answer Using These Animations
  • Why are my legs different lengths when checked by other chiropractors?
  • What is a bone out of place?
  • How is ABC™ different then regularly chiropractic?
  • Why did I have brain fog before getting treated but not now?
  • Why do my muscles hurt?
  • I thought I left your office completely aligned each time, why does it seem to wear off?
  • Why do I hurt here now, but my initial complaints are gone?
  • Why can’t I take a deep breath?
  • How are my ribs supposed to work?
  • Why do I slump?
  • Tethered Cord Syndrome? What’s that?
  • Why do I have numbness and tingling?
  • Which muscle is it that’s hurting me?
  • What do meningeal adhesions look like?
  • Why is this bone sticking out in my back more than the others?
  • How are you going to fix my forward head posture?
  • And much more can be answered with the help of these animations.
A picture is worth a thousand words. An animation can be worth millions.
  • Hi Jeff, Your animations are very good. I have been showing my patients the bone out of place, the tin foil and the breathing videos this week and people really get it. They are like, wow, I didn't realize it had so much impact on the rest of my body. I feel this was a good investment and it really helps me to tell the patients the same thing over and over and over again using standardized examples. Good job.–Guy Anderson, Advanced Care Chiro Center