A picture is worth a thousand words.
An animation can be worth millions.

Help me with my mission to grow ABC™ through YouTube videos.

ABC™ Animations

The Institute for Advanced BioStructural Correction™ and Dr. Jeff Aberle are releasing many of the animations that were used in creating the ABC™ Patient Education DVD for you to use in your office to explain ABC™ concepts to your patients. Read MorearrowLeftForYouTubeVideo3

Posture Viewer

Posture Viewer lets you track a patients posture after one treatment and over an entire course of care. A full set of pictures can be taken in under a minute. Take pictures at each visit if you want and play the images back using the filmstrip or slideshow modes. Read MorearrowLeftForYouTubeVideoRight5

  • Hi Jeff, Your animations are very good. I have been showing my patients the bone out of place, the tin foil and the breathing videos this week and people really get it. They are like, wow, I didn't realize it had so much impact on the rest of my body. I feel this was a good investment and it really helps me to tell the patients the same thing over and over and over again using standardized examples. Good job.–Guy Anderson, Advanced Care Chiro Center

Spinal Shield

Sliced Spine Showing Meninges/Cord

Close Up Meninges/Cord

Harmful Effects of P-A Adjustments